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The Geo-Caching Pokewalker-StreetPass

My friend told me that Nintendo is planning to release a Pokewalker-like device for StreetPass Communications. Now i might have heard the friend wrong, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. Though it also wouldn’t surprise me if it were false. When I write this, I’m assuming that the StreetPass Pedometer can send and receive StreetPass data, as well as collect Play Coins. I’m also assuming that such a device doesn’t disable/only temporarily disables the 3ds’s ability to StreetPass, since that would make the device pointless. I am also assuming that the point of the device is to prevent theft. I am also assuming that the device doesn’t have WiFi. The reason I think that Nintendo probably would lean away from such a device would be that it would effectively create a Geo-Caching atmosphere around StreetPass. What do I mean? Well lets say that the device disables StreetPass when it is being used. That would render the device useless because you could steal the device or lose the device and effectively render your StreetPass useless, wrecking the purpose, preventing theft. Also, if you couldn’t replace the device after it was lost/stolen, It would also be rendered useless. From this i conclude that you could have your device running, place it up in a tree, disconnect the device from your 3ds, and effectively have cloned your ability to send StreetPasses, without cloneing your ability to receive them. And because of the little messages that are sent when one StreetPasses, you could effectively create a Geo-Caching atmosphere oriented around the Nintendo 3dses StreetPass feature. You could also send a StreetPass cross-country. I am also going to assume that you can rehook up the device to whatever 3ds you like for resellability purposes, which would make it more probable that they would be stolen, as well as more probable for a Geo-Caching scenario. Now Nintendo could effectively eliminate the geo-caching, mailing scenario by making the gamer reconnect the device to the 3ds after a certain amount of time, however that wouldn’t fly well with people going on long vacations. Leaving the Geo-Caching, mailing scenario still probable. However, maybe Nintendo could benefit from a geo-cacheing mailing scenario. Think about it. People would buy multiple devices instead of just one, making Nintendo rich, the post office happy, and lessening the obesity pandemic by having more people climbing trees and walking though tall grass just to find a StreetPass. Also If the Geo-Cacheing thing works out, and then Nintendo puts a GPS on the device, lets just say Reggie buys dinner, cause he’s rich now.

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